All our products have the same price online and Onsight. The only charges made whilst buying online would comprise of delivery charges (which may vary based on location), and platform charge associated with the payment method requested (e. g Paying MTN Mobile Money Charges)

One week at most!!!

Your order is sent to our sales team who ensures that your package is well parceled and ready for shipment or pickup. We also send you a receipt which contains your personal info (name, email), product number and name ordered for, due date and other relevancies. This is so that you could justify that you made an order using our platform in case of any misunderstandings.
Note that we keep a record of this receipt so as to avoid customer fraud.

If an item you received is not the item you ordered, is damaged, or incomplete (missing parts), or defective due to defects in manufacturing please notify us within 7 days by phone or email to request a refund.  If you notify us after 7 days we may accept the return but you will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.


We use secure strategized technology to ensure that transaction of funds is smooth and accurate, using our various payment gateways, checkout fields for information, and an invoice upon your order.

This is a collection of items put in one place for easy access later on. The items in your Wishlist are items you have shown interest in, and by adding them to Wishlist, you can easily get back to these products.

Once your order is made, it is impossible to revert your choice as all info has been processed including payment. However, you may be allowed to manually change your order by contacting us to do so.

Note that an order made can only be replaced if not wanted, and not totally cancelled.

This has to deal with you keeping track of your product whilst it is being delivered to you. This technique serves to give the customer the sense of assurance of a safe and secure delivery at all times.

The default and only currency as of now is the FCFA. Thus, this is the only currency that can be accepted. You are advised to switch you dollars, naira, or any other currency to FCFA before proceeding with payment.